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Peer-reviewed journal articles:

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Conference abstracts:

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Invited talks


  • Prof. Dr. E. Niebur, Zanvyl Krieger Mind/Brain Institute, John Hopkins University Baltimore. The role of low-level features in gaze guidance and object perception.
  • Prof. Dr. R. Kliegl and Prof. Dr. F. Rösler, Cognitive Psychology, University of Potsdam. Gaze in lab and life: overt visual attention in artificial and realistic situations.


Other texts


Marius ’t Hart

Currently I work as a post-doc at the Philipps University Marburg, in the group of Frank Bremmer. Together with Steffen Klingenhöfer I am setting up an EEG laboratory to study the perception of space and motion.

Brief Vitae

  • 1977 born in rural Stadskanaal
  • 1981 - 1989 educated at De Rank and C.W. Lubbersschool in Wildervank and De Vijverschans in Haren
  • 1989 - 1996 Atheneum (high-school) at Augustinus College in Groningen
  • 1996 - 2004 started studying Technical Cognition Sciences at the University of Groningen, but ended up with a Master in Experimental & Work Psychology and spent a lot of time as editor of Diemensies and in other extracurricular activities
  • 2004 - 2008 part-time job at a large IT corporation as service officer, also co-authored two papers and a poster in this period
  • 2008 - 2011 PhD student of Psychology with Wolfgang Einhäuser-Treyer and Frank Rösler at the Neurophysics department of the Philipps University Marburg. My PhD thesis 'Visual attention in the real world' has been awarded with a magna cum laude.
  • 2011 - now Post-doc with Frank Bremmer at the Neurophysics department of the Philipps University Marburg


How not to spell my name:

  • Bernard Marius ‘t Hart (opening quotation mark: upside-down apostrophe)
  • Bernhard Marius t Hart (added h in Bernard)
  • Bernard Marius t Hart (apostrophe after t)
  • Bernard Marius tHart (apostrophe after t, and space omitted)
  • Bernard Marius t Hart (apostrophe omitted)
  • Bernard Marius `t Hart (tick mark instead of apostrophe)
  • Bernard Marius T Hart (my student alias in Marburg)
  • Bernard Marius dHart (d instead of t, apostrophe in wrong place)
  • Bernard Marius t'Hardt (d added, ascii apostrophe in the wrong place)
  • Bernard Marius t'Haart (a added, ascii apostrophe in the wrong place)
  • Barnard Marius ’t Hart (a instead of e in first name)

Just use copy-paste: Bernard Marius ’t Hart